About us

Our story started with me seeing a desperate plea for help on social media. Three little puppies were thrown outside in a box near an abandoned industrial plant in Volgograd, Russia. We will never know what happened to their Mom, but the puppies were alone, hungry, and cold and would have not survived for long all by themselves. Needless to say, winters in this part of Russia are brutal, and tiny puppies needed help urgently. I was looking at a video of these tiny fur balls, happily wagging their tails to people who found them, not knowing that these people cannot take them to safety, and I felt helpless.

The problem with stray dogs in Russia is enormous. There is no spay and neuter program in place, and homeless animals are everywhere. Most people don’t care about them, they got used to seeing starving, freezing, abandoned animals on the streets, and they simply learned to ignore their sufferings. People often abuse them, shoot them, poison them. In recent years the grass root movement started in Russia whose goal is to establish spay and neuter program, and to work towards eliminating the problem of homeless animals in the country. We work with few funds and shelters in Russia to help them save abandoned, injured and neglected dogs and cats, to help with their medical treatment and to assist them in their transportation and adoption. In 2018 we started a program of bringing dogs for adoption to the US and are working with local Humane Society on re-homing them here. So far we transported 33 homeless dogs from Russia to the North Eastern US, and all of them found loving homes here.