Our rescue started with these three puppies found all alone, freezing and starved, near an abandoned plant in Volgograd, Russia. I saw a desperate plea for help on social media, and this is how it all started. These three lucky pups now all found loving homes here, in the US, and their story was the first one of many more to come. 

By saving just one dog you won’t change the world. But, you certainly will change the world for that one dog.

Jessie was the first one to fly to the US in April 2018. She got adopted by a wonderful loving family, and now spends her days playing with the kids, going on long walks, or simply relaxing on a sofa next to her favorite people.

Theona came to Boston in May 2018. She went to her new family as a skinny, she and timid puppy, and loom at her now! She loves her new family, and is a one very happy girl! She loves spending time outside, and snuggle with her Mom and Dad!


Floki came to the US with his sister Fiona. His new family absolutely adore him! He spent the first summer of his life going on long walks, swimming, hiking, and enjoying his daycare when Mom and Dad had to work. I’ve got to meet Floki in September, and I can tell you…he is one lucky dog!